I'm a designer and artist from Budapest.
Specializing in art direction, book design and digital experiences.
Help build cool brands for smart and bigger businesses.

Member of
MUTO  artist-run place.
Founder of DOUBLE CHIN CORP micro-publisher.
One of the organizer of UKMUKFUKK fanzine festival.

For any inqueries, collaborations or coffee dates.
Feel free to contact me!

Artist Statemet:

Her centre of interest is the combination of the personal-anecdotal qualities with collective experiences. Interactions come to life at the conjuncture of private and public functions as identificational practices, but here identity is not used as a political position, rather as a tool for experiencing intimacy. Recurring themes are the tragedy of the social constructedness of womanhood, the possibilites in the banality of every day life and the creation of subjective history.

Apart from her solo projekts, collaborative, interaction based works have the same importance in her work.