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As a designer and art director, Flora specializes in managing complex projects related to editorial design, exhibition identity, title design, and branding, with a particular focus on the cultural sector.

She has led projects for institutions like the Hungarian National Gallery and collaborated with contemporary galleries and international curators. Additionally, she has partnered with film and advertising directors to conceptualize and produce title designs, posters, and text animations.

She thrives on delving into research and careful planning to ensure a smooth and collaborative design process. These principles, along with creative ideas and a human-centered approach, define the foundations of her multidisciplinary practice.
Currently based in Amsterdam as a freelancer, she collaborate with agencies and manage solo projects.
2019- Member of MŰTŐ artist-run place

2018-One of the organisers of the Ukmukfukk Fanzine Festiva


Mazes Series

digital prints

in Linz

Calm Mazes

riso printed zine

Popu Zine Club

Odds and Ends

digital printed photo



digital print

Made for ‘Színtiszta
Stresszoldó’ blog

Mikado unit of time

risograph print series

Made for
Zina no.7 fanzine

Graftage 1, 2

A/1 digit

al prints

n°1 Fák Újéve edition fanzine 02.28., 2020

Keep it clean

framed giclée print,
LOOP at MŰTŐ gallery, BP.
12.13.-29., 2019

Misscarriage of a shelter
digital print, sponge,
plastic tube, lattice

PLAY at MŰTŐ gallery, BP.
10.26. – 11.10., 2019
Building a ‘bunker’ is a juvenile gesture. It is constructed with the available materials and tools, its spontaneous and naive. A stronghold raised in safe space, the conventional and instinct driven archetypical construction of defence. It manifests the needs of identity and personal world-building. At that young age it is pivotal in terms of social relations to manifest the relationships of danger, safety and defence and remain in that safe space. Meanwhile  an authentic experience comes from the ongoing struggle to ‘survive’. Fear is innate, its subject to be learned.
As an adult, it is vital to have a quick and constructive reaction at the time of danger, they actively obliterate the threat. The strategy of the child is to hide and lay low, quite passive compared to an adult. Your ‘adultness’ is questioned if you do not act accordingly. The ever judging social environment evaluates your attitude and makes it impossible to traverse between worlds. For that very reason failure is multi -faceted. To even voice your need of such place shows your incompetence in these matters. As a naive and spontaneous child, a successful ‘bunker’ is eminent and you gain the adult world’s favour. Adults reacting in times of crisis -trying to adopt these ‘childish’ methods-  lose these complexions and implement additional hard-wired safety measures. That way all those craved spontaneous  acts are lost for good.


digital printed textiles,
basin, washing powder
What aboute them?
at The Brody Collection, BP.
03.16. – 30., 2020

More or Less

digital print

Illustration for ‘Empty Horses Zine’ - Mate it for Péter Lichters film.

Ms Agnes

digital printed fanzine

The ballad
of János Arany.

Double Chin Corp.

Open Office 

The artists are working at their workplaces when they should be at the exhibition. Instead of working, they secretly write emails for the common gallery space.


We were depressed and thought how original it would be to make something out of it. We chose to make a zine, because it's just a zine, it comes without any responsility. We had a lot of friends in the same shoes, so we called them to do a few pages. This is what it has become.

A/5 digital print, fanzine

publised by:
Double Chin Corp.

Made by:
Andrea Ausztics, Kata Kállai M., Zsuzsa Kállai, Lisa Jura, Flóra Pálhegyi, Attila Somos, Fanni Solymár, Karen Solymár, Tamás “Lavor” Komár, Balázs Varju Tóth

Beobachtung Baby!


riso printed artist book

Creative private detective project.
The book also contains audio recordings.